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Pressure laminated mouthguards for outstanding high-impact protection and best dental fit.
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Natural effect, custom-made teeth to make you look younger and restore confidence.
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Comfortable, stable, full and partial dentures made locally by a registered dental technician.


We custom make and supply dentures, partials, sleep appliances and mouthguards and ship New Zealand wide.


All work is hand-crafted in house and overseen by a New Zealand Registered Dental Technicians who takes a personal interest in delivering you a high-quality solution.


Our expert technicians have access to the latest 3D imaging technology available and employ the highest quality materials in the construction and manufacturing of your dentures and appliances.


We understand that the sooner your problem is fixed the sooner your quality of life is improved and we make it happen as quickly as we can. Repairs and relines can happen the same day.


We undertake denture repair or lost denture replacement work under House and Contents Insurance for all major insurance companies.

To book a no obligation consultation call 0800 500 730


The Lab provides a full denture laboratory service including custom-made full and partial solutions.

We custom make dentures, crowns and bridges, sleep appliances and mouth guards to order and ship over night.

We have access to the latest 3D imaging and 3D printing technology and use high-quality materials to ensure you are provided with the best products and solutions available.

All work is done in house and quality assured by Registered New Zealand Dental Technicians.

Our mission is to create for you an affordable, high-quality, personalised and affordable dental solution regardless of how small or complex the dental problem.


    All work is hand-crafted in house and quality-assured by New Zealand Registered Dental Technicians who take a personal interest in delivering you a bespoke solution.


    As all work in done in house by qualified experts and we guarantee our workmanship.

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    We provide a full on-site denture repair, cleaning and denture reline service.

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    We believe in value for money and are committed to providing affordable high-quality solutions.

Denture Repairs & Relines

We undertake denture repair or lost denture replacement work under House and Contents Insurance for all major insurance companies.

The Lab can do many denture repairs inside one hour.

The Lab encourages denture relines are part of normal denture maintenance. Soft relines are an important part of maintaining the oral health and bone support of the wearer. A reline can restore lost suction, improve comfort, stability and can help prevent food from getting under the denture.

The Lab can complete denture relines inside one day.

Insurance Work for Lost Dentures

House and Contents Insurance will typically cover the cost of replacement dentures in the event that yours are lost or damaged beyond repair.

We undertake denture repair or lost denture replacement work as part of Insurance Claims for all major insurance companies.

We are happy to provide you a free quote for repair or replacement for insurance purposes.


Mobile Denture Service

The Lab understands that as you get older its not just your teeth and your dentures that get worn out. To save our patients additional wear and tear, we offer a mobile service to rest homes, retirement villages and hospitals as well as to people living at home with significant mobility problems.

We will come to you, by appointment, within the Dunedin and Invercargill city limits to get an impression for the creation of a mould and again to fit your new dentures.

The cost of the service is included in the cost of your new dentures.

To request a mobile treatment contact us to book.

Other Services We Provide

Bleaching Trays

The Lab will make best-fit dental bleaching trays for optimum teeth whitening results.

Anti-snoring Devices

The Lab are the only OrthoApnea Certified Laboratory in New Zealand.

The Orthoapnea device is a patented prosthesis of splint type designed as solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and moderate sleep syndrome and increased resistance of the upper airway (IRSUA) and for patients with severe apnea, who can not tolerate CPAP.

Read more about OrthoApnea on their website:


The Lab professionally creature pressure laminated mouthguards that are the highest level of dental fit and offer outstanding high-impact protection.