Professional Mouth Guards

Playing sport comes with risk. it takes a split second to leave you with life-long damage. A professional dental-fit mouthguard will reduce the likelihood of broken, chipped or complete loss of teeth. It will also help protect you from concussion, broken jaw injury and gum and tongue gashes.

The Lab professionally create pressure laminated mouthguards, which are the highest level of dental fit.

Our mouthguards are layered under pressure to give outstanding high impact protection and fit.

The wearer of a professional mouthguard from The Lab is able to talk, breathe and play without fear.

We offer fully personalised colour combinations and designs for individual or team needs.

The-Lab mouth guards are made to fit with your braces and other orthodontics.

The Lab are the Official Suppliers of mouthguards to the Otago Highlands rugby squad.

$60 OFF


$80 APRIL AND MAY (RRP $140)

*13 years and under

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